Digital Equipment “Multi-Funzione” 18000 W

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1) Save electric power resources

2) Protect the environment

3) Surge protection

4) Improve the power factor

5) Stabilize electrical current

6) Protect the appliances and prolong their life

7) Easy to use, maintenance free

8) Fully compliant with safety standards

9) Model: SD-001

10) Rated Voltage: 90V-250V

11) Rated Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

12) Useful Load: 18000W

13) Chip control system, adjust the output voltage to a reasonable electrical equipment.

14) Compensation coil winding work to bring the magnetic field generated reactive power, improve power factor of electrical equipment.

15) Saving Energy around 20-35%
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.28kgs / 0.61lb
Carton Weight 3.70kgs / 8.16lb
Carton Size 30cm * 27cm * 19cm / 11.81inch * 10.63inch

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Peso 0.028 kg


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