Microfono con Ricevitore e Antenna – Distanza Effettiva: 15-30M

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Fino a 30 Metri di distanza

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1) Screw off the housing, insert a battery (size AA) with the correct polarity and screw on the housing before inserting the telescopic antenna and set the switch to the ON position. The pilot lamp is on at this time. Insert another battery (size AAA) into the receiver with the correct polarity. Set the switch of receiver to ON position, then the pilot lamp is on that indicate a good condition. After that, plug the receiver into the input socket for microphone of amplifier and it is ready for operation.

2) When you need temporary stop during singing and you don’t want the microphone to pick up any other sound, you may set the switch to the middle (MIC) position. Now, the lamp is still on Use it as wired microphone.

3) Take out the battery from the microphone, connect the wire to the microphone and set the switch to MIC position.


1) If acoustic quality and volume are abnormal or receiving distance is shorted, the batteries in wireless microphone and receiver should be replaced, If thereafter still not in normal operation, you can carefully trim the frequency of receiver with a screwdriver to become normal operation, you can carefully trim the frequency of receiver with a screwdriver to become normal operation.

2) If your microphone isn’t used for a long period, the battery should be taken out to avoid its deterioration and the damage of components.

3) If two wireless microphones are used at the same time, you must use them with one red and another green lamp and can’t use them with the lamp of the same color.


1) Microphone sensitivity:-72db

2) Directivity: unidirectional

3) Frequency response: 100 to 10,000 Hz

4) Output impedance: 600 ohm

5) Operating voltage: 1.5V

6) Effective distance: 15 to 30m

**Package Contents:

-1x Microphone

-1x Receiver

-1x Wireless antenna

-1x Wire for wired microphone
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.53kgs / 1.18lb 18.9inch * 11.02inch * 13.78inch

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Peso 0.053 kg


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